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Gibrilville team up with Kwamiena in new potential hit song ‘Manifest’


Gibrilville team up with  Kwamiena in new potential hit song ‘Manifest’

Following the release of his single ‘Can of Soda’ and receiving the Akademia Award for 2022 Outstanding Legacy, hip-hop and afrobeat artist Gibrilville is back with a bang titled ‘Manifest’, featuring fast rising Afro-fussion sensation Kwamiena. 

The single is one of the hit tracks in his upcoming album ‘Good Things Manifest, Bad Things Defect'

and was made in collaboration with legendary producer DJ Pain.

‘Manifest’ addresses the overall concept of the album, aligning with Gibrilville’s own life journey. 

In review of the song ahead of the release, Gibrilville noted in an interview, “I wanted to develop the concept of the album ‘Good Things Manifest, Bad Things Defect’ and the title felt powerful enough to be a whole song. So I reached out to DJ Pain and asked for some new production. As soon as I heard the beat, I knew I found my title track.”

Fusing together atmospheric R&B with soulful electronics, ‘Manifest’ perfectly blends the electronic world with raw, acoustic instrumentation to make the track feel alive. Gibrilville uses his skills as a lyricist, alongside clever wordplay to tell a unique story.

Taking lyrical references from DMX's album title from 1998, and being inspired by his interviews, Gibrilville’s wordplay in the third verse displays his connection to DMX, who passed away shortly after Gibrilville finished writing the record. “One of my biggest musical influences in hiphop is DMX" says Gibrilville, “and this record felt complete by paying respect to him.”

'Manifest' is released through his music production company, Foreign Exchange Records, a label he created to push hip-hop and afro beats globally. 

The artist's vocal prowess and perfect delivery of the song is quite admirable and can well catapult him into the spotlight.

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